God has opened doors in Costa Rica to work with public and private schools and high schools, where we have different kinds of activities like: Mega Match, Conferences, and we plan some of their activities. In all this, we have the privilege to stop in the middle of the activity and share the Gospel with all the group. We thank the Lord for all the kids that make a decision for Christ and believe in Christ as their personal Savior.

1- Mega Match.
Around 50 to 500 young people have the chance to watch and participate in this program, they play with a giant ball, inner tubes, and other common objects. This programs attract the youth and it's a great opportunity to prepare their hearts for the preaching of the Gospel.

2- Conferences.
We offer many conferences that are important for the teachers in the schools. The conferences we offer are about: Sex, bullying, drugs and other subjects. We share the gospel during this conferences, so we also present Christ as the only solution to those struggles.

In the last period of time, many teams from the United States came and helped us with our ministry. They taught english in the classes, and while they were teaching they had the chance to preach the Gospel to the students. So the students heard the Gospel and learned the language at the same time! In this conferences, the people from the work teams have the chance to preach the Gospel and share the love of Christ to many different social groups. We pray for more teams to come and help us throughout the year.

3- Retreats and Fellowships
The Retreats and Fellowships are very special times for us. In the retreats, we stay one or two days making a special program, something like a youth camp, for the schools and high schools. This is a great opportunity not only to share the Gospel, but also to teach the youth the first steps in the christian life, so that, after the retreat they can go to a local church near their house. This program is a huge blessing because teachers and principals have the chance to see the need that their kids have to learn and know Christ.

In a near future, we have the dream to make a program and a musical for young pregnant girls. Every time we go to the schools, we see more and more pregnant teenagers. We believe that this program will be very useful and a great opportunity for this teenagers to know the real love of God.