Sigueme supports the local church, with diferent programs, through conferences and by supporting their youth groups. Our goal is to take the young people that accept Christ when we preach the Gospel in schools and highschools, to the local church.

1- Youth Nets
The Youth Net is a complete program for the youth meetings in the local churches. We offer material, logistic support and instructions for the youth leaders,

But we also offer seminaries of:
-Evangelism and discipleship to the youth.
-Youth leadership.
- Working with youth.

2- Conferences and Workshops.
- Evangelism Workshop
- Marriage Workshop: Plan, Pact, Pressure and Pasion.
- Workshop about children education.

3- Materials for the functioning of the Local Church.
- Lessons for the new believers.
- Lessons for the Youth Group.
- Personal Discipleing Courses
- Personal Devotional Books, ¨ My time with the Lord¨

4- Camps and Retreats
- Organization, logistic, camp support

-Spiritual retreats for the churches.
- Evangelistic Camps.